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Raw Mango(പച്ച മാങ്ങ )
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The raw mango is commonly green in color and is highly appreciated for its nutritional value. They are outstanding suppliers of Vitamin C, which is relatively more than ripe mangoes. Raw mangoes are tangy in taste and have a tempting aroma. Product image shown is for representation purpose only, the actual product may vary based on season, produce & availability.Fresh green raw mango is highly valued for its ability to cure blood disorders. It increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps the formation of new blood cells. It aids the absorption of food, iron and prevents bleeding tendencies. It increases body resistance against tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera and dysentery.

Raw mangoes are cut and dried in the sun to make pickles, jams and jelly. They can be cut fresh and had with chilli powder and salt. They are also added to dals and few curries.